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Miss Martha (All Gods Children)

Martha Root grew up in the Appalachian foothills of the northeast Alabama spending summers at her grandmother’s farm. It was those lazy 

miss_martha.jpgwonderful days of swimming and fishing in the creek or fussing with her brother over whose turn was to ride the old mule that still rest gently on her mind. As Martha so aptly states, “My art is the tangible form of the message in my heart – first, to always honor the name of Jesus Christ and, secondly, to share the message of scripture that we are all God’s children”. As a self taught sculptress, she introduced her first sculptures of children in 1985, and named them ALL GOD’S CHILDREN. Drawing on her faith, those delightful childhood memories and her gentle spirit, she has sculpted a line of figurines that touch the spirit and reflect the innocence and beauty of children.


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